Research And Development

To stay at the forefront of an industry, a company must constantly develop its processes and technologies. Whitfield Welding understands this need for continual improvement and we have used our 29 years of industry experience to help fine tune our procedures, methods, and research direction. We have developed a wide range of technologies and processes leading to patents and industry-wide shifts in thinking and operation.

Whitfield Welding offers equipment and operator time to universities, institutes, and industry. Our research team has the knowledge and tools required to bring your concept ideas to reality. Our knowledgeable staff can help with any stage of the R&D process by utilizing the following:

  • A full metallurgical laboratory.
  • Chemical analysis using optical emission spectroscopy (OES).
  • 8 Axis CAM controlled robot system.
  • Computer controlled laser heat input.
  • 3D modelling.
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Laser Additive Manufacturing

Whitfield Welding is currently deep into the development of a new additive process. We are close to achieving CNC automated additive manufacturing. This will allow us to deposit large amounts of material with higher accuracy and faster turn around time. As milestones are met we will be posting our achievements here.

Development Partnership

Whitfield Welding Inc. is currently working closely with the University of Windsor to develop our laser additive manufacturing processes. This arrangement not only helps us advance our process and procedures but it also helps students work towards their Master's Degree and gain true hands-on industry experience.

Current R&D Projects:

  • Laser Cladding Control Software
  • Laser Additive Manufacturing
  • Sintering Technologies