Forge Tooling

Whitfield welding inc. Has the necessary equipment and expertly trained technicians to facilitate repair and refurbishment of the following forge tooling components. Flood welding, Mig welding, Tig welding and electrode welding additive processes are most commonly used.

  • Press Dies: (Round & Rectangular).
  • Hammer Dies: (up to 6 tons).
  • Upsetter dies & holders, impactor dies.
  • Bolster Repair.
  • Ram, Sow Block & Shank Repair.
  • Trim Blade Repair.
  • Blanking dies.
  • Ring rolling axial cones.
  • Rotary forge dies.
  • Forging components (manipulator jaws and arms).
  • Whitfield Welding inc. has the crane and oven capasity to ensure efficient fast processing of all forge tool components.