Flood Welding

Flood welding has deposition rates up to 60+ pounds an hour. This high energy additive process is the mig process, using very high amperage power sources(1000+) and large diameter wire filler material. Both solid wire and cored wire(sheath filled with alloyed powder and flux) are routinely used. Very large areas and volumes of repair and refurbishment can can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Heavily damaged or severely cracked tooling is prepared for welding using the carbon arc gouging process and or CNC machining.


  • Open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and half day on Saturday - we can accommodate special requests after hours
  • 50,000 lb receiving and handling Crane Capacity
  • Guaranteed quality pre-weld feasibility,preparation and weld line-up on every job. Line up can be turned into a formal quote, if required.
  • Rockwell Testing performed on all components requiring oven work.
  • 3 Preheat Station, thermal coupled, plc controlled capable of holding desired preheat temperatures indefinitely.
  • Ability to deposit 60+ lbs per hour.
  • 6 Ovens with 160,000 lbs combined capacity run 24/7.
  • Full machine shop
  • metallurgical lab for process parameter development and quality control.

Advantages & Applications

  • forge tool repair and refurbishment.
  • Upsetter dies and holsters, impactor dies
  • Bolster repair
  • Ram, sow block and shank repair
  • High pressure die casting insert holder block repair.